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We are a firearms dealer with the purpose of distributing top-quality products. Our mission is quite simple; we walk through the door every day and put forth exceptional effort to satisfy your defense requirements. Every team member at NFA DEFENCE realizes and respects the historical significance of our military past, and we work to keep the passion alive. Like you, we are incredibly enthusiastic about all weapons with historical value, and we are incredibly happy with every single achievement.

We possess an extreme respect for our military here at NFA DEFENCE. We respect and admire their dedication and honor their sacrifice and patriotism seen in their work. Selling, building and configuring weapons that have historical significance is part of our specialty. Come to us for knowledgeable and reliable services delivered by business professionals.

NFA Defence is a fully stocked Class III firearm retailer serving the public for over 7 years. We stock a wide variety of firearms, silencers, and accessories. We will work with you to complete all the required paperwork in house, including photos & finger print cards. Most form 4s will ship the same day.

Weather you have years of experience or just getting started, we will take the time to ensure you are leaving with products that fit your needs. We ship our products throughout the United States and US Territories. Including states with firearm restrictions. We proudly offer a Military, Police, and First Responder discount to all of our service members on all of our accessories and ammunition. LE Discount applies to IN STORE purchases ONLY.


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