Clayco Underfolder AK-47/s 7.62×39


AK 47 Underfolder Stock For Sale
Clayco Underfolder AK-47/s 7.62×39 $23,789.99

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AK 47 Underfolder Stock For Sale Overview

AK 47 Underfolder Stock For Sale

I’ve got one of the first versions of Clayco Underfolder AK-47/s 7.62×39 ever imported. Min Shan factory underfolder in 7.62×39. For sale or trade. In great shape, lightly used. I only put about 70 rounds through it. Outer cosmetic appearance is very good. numbered parts all match of course. Original Dark green/black bake grip and handguard.

More On AK 47 Underfolder Stock

Comes with Chinese sling pictured, 1 chinese flatback mag and a nice condition russian bakelite mag
Mainly interested in trading at this time, will sell for 2800 or trade, no lowballers its highly unlikely you will find these for much cheaper ever again,

Also have a milled mak90 386 (polytech factory) marked. with sporter furniture, angle cut reciever but is perfect candidate for several chinese variant conversions, includes sling and 1 flatback mag


Can you buy AK 47 in the US?

It’s possible to own a full-auto weapon here, but it’s a lot more expensive and you need to undergo a rigorous background check before you can purchase one. But basically, if you’re a US citizen, you’re living in one of the states that allows this weapon, you have the necessary documents and if you can find an authentic AK-47 that’s available for transfer, you can get your hands on one of these guns.


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