Armalite AR-10 308


Attachment Method: Key-Mod
Product Line: AR-10
Product Category: Tactical
Caliber: .308 Win | 7.62×51
Barrel: HB, SST Triple Lapped
Barrel Length: 20″
Twist Rate: 1:10 RH
Muzzle Device: Flash Suppressing Compensator
Front Sight Base: Full-Length MIL-STD 1913 Rail
Handguard: 15″ Free-Floating Tactical
Stock: MBA-1 Light Weight Precision, Adjustable
Upper Receiver: Forged Flat-Top with MIL-STD 1913 Rail, 7075-T6 Aluminum
Lower Receiver: Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum
Safety: Ambidextrous
Trigger: Two Stage Precision
Charging Handle: “Raptor” Ambidextrous
Finish: Hard Anodized Aluminum, Manganese Phosphated Steel
Length: 42.3″ Collapsed | 43.3″ Extended
Included: One 25-Round Magpul PMAG, Magpul MBUS, Owner’s Manual
Lightweight AR 22 Barrel
Armalite AR-10 308 $39,105.00

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Armalite AR 10 For Sale Oveveiw

A tactical workhorse, the AR10TAC20(Armalite AR 10 For Sale ) is the perfect tool for duty and also defense. All Armalite Tactical Series rifles come equipped with MAGPUL MBUS flip-up sights and also MOE pistol grips. The dual-purpose flash hiding compensator tames recoil while reducing signature.

The sturdy 15” tactical Key-Mod handguard provides ample hand placement and a full-length MIL-STD 1913 12 o’clock rail for sights an accessories. An adjustable gas block also allows the rifle to be individually tuned for optimal performance for your choice of ammunition and/or suppressor use.

FAQ On Armalite AR 10 For Sale

  • What Is An Armalite Rifle?

The AR-10( Armalite AR 10 For Sale ) features surprisingly low recoil and primed to be customized to the end user’s needs. The platform is an excellent starting place for a modern hunting rifle or a long-range semi-automatic sniper rifle. A wide variety of manufacturers produces the AR-10, and also we have only the best at Omaha Outdoors.

  • What kind of buffer do you use with Armalite?

ARMALITE AR-10 CARBINE BUFFER SKU: EC0120 (H3 HEAVY BUFFER) The factory AR-10 Carbine Buffer is rarely available for purchase, Armalite seems to only be offering it in a kit that includes buffer tube and buffer spring. This is the buffer you must use with 6 position collapsible stocks.

  • Is the ArmaLite AR-10 a good rifle?

The Armalite AR-10 is a reliable, accurate, and also time-tested weapon. This is no new rifle—it was first introduced back in the 1950s and has only improved since. If you’re looking for a high-quality semi-automatic rifle, then I’d fully recommend checking out the AR-10.

  • Is AR-10 better than AR-15?
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The AR10 creates a velocity of about 2,700 fps. As for the AR15, it can reach over 3,150 fps. Therefore, the combination of the high fire rates and increased muzzle velocity gives the AR15 an obvious advantage over the other rifle.

  • What is the effective range of an AR-10?

About the same as any other rifle firing a . 308. Up to 400–600 yards with a good scope and also some knowledge of bullet drop at those ranges (3 to 6 feet or more!).

  • Can you shoot 308 in an ArmaLite AR-10?

If your AR-10® Series firearm is chambered for 7.62 cartridges, it will fire all standardized U.S. military 7.62X51 mm cartridges and all factory loaded cartridges in . 308 Winchester caliber.( muzzle brake, charging handle ).

More On FAQ

  • Why did ArmaLite go out of business?

It will be out of service by the mid-2030s. Many NATO countries adopted it in the 1980s. ArmaLite had other brushes with success, especially with the ArmaLite AR-18. These were not enough to sustain the company, and it also ceased operations in the early 1980s.

  • Is an AR-10 a sniper rifle?
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The AR10 fires the NATO standardized 7.62x51mm cartridge in detachable box magazines that hold 20 rounds each. If you’re looking for an awesome sniper shooting experience with a lightweight gun, the AR10 is the perfect option.

  • Can you hunt deer with an AR-10?

The lightweight versions of the Ar10/SR25/LR308 style rifles are great for hunting due to their tactical design. They are just as much a Modern Hunting Rifle as a Modern Sporting Rifle. The AR10 style MSR in . 308 Win can take down even a large animal like an elk with proper shot placement within effective range.

  • What is the point of an AR-10?
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If you truly need the extra power and accuracy at the range or need something that’s going to impart the maximum amount of force to a target at any range, the AR-10 may be the better choice. Personally, I like the AR-10 better for those long shots, or if I’m hunting dangerous game up close.

  • Are AR-10 still made?

Today, various gunmakers manufacture a . 308 or 7.62×51 NATO-chambered AR-10 –style rifle, including ArmaLite, DPMS, Palmetto State Armory, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Windham Weaponry, and even many more. While there are significant differences in the patterns used in the rifles.


  • Are AR 10s used by military?
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The AR-10 didn’t go down in the annals of U.S. Military history itself, however, it still left its mark. A scaled-down version of the design, what we know as the AR-15, was submitted to the military trials and was eventually adopted by the military, designated as the M-16 in the mid-1960s.

  • Is AR-10 and AR 308 the same?
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The ArmaLite 10, or AR10 for short; came into existence about 30 years before the LR308; however, it’s much less popular today. Easily differentiated from the LR308, the AR10 has an angular cut on the upper receiver’s lower right side before the buffer tube housing, where the LR308’s is rounded.

  • What AR does Navy SEAL use?
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M4A1 assault rifle

The M4A1 assault rifle has been used by the SEAL teams since it was introduced into service in 1994. It is a personal favorite among U.S Special Operations Forces due to its versatility, power, and range.

  • What AR do Marines use?
Armalite AR 10 For Sale

M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle

The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) is a 5.56mm select-fire assault rifle, based on the HK416 by Heckler & Koch. It is used by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and is intended to be issued to all infantry riflemen as well as automatic riflemen.

  • What rifle do SEAL snipers use?
Armalite AR 10 For Sale

The SEAL Recon Rifle (also known as the “Sniper M4” and “Recce”) a heavily modified M16-series rifle intended to provide US Navy SEAL snipers with a versatile, accurate, lightweight, and relatively compact weapon chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO.

  • What AR does James Bond use?
Armalite AR 10 For Sale

The Walther PPK vs the Walther P99

Most famously, 007 traditionally carries the Walther PPK (Polizei Pistole Kriminal) , though from ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ until Daniel Craig’s first outing in ‘Casino Royale’ , he adopts the bigger, plastic-framed Walther P99.

  • What AR does John Wick use?

Taran Tactical TR-1 Ultralight

The Taran Tactical TR-1 is a competition shooting AR-15 chambered in 5.56x45mm. The particular configuration used in John Wick 2 included several modifications, including BCM Mod 0 stock, a compensator, a Trijicon Accupoint scope, and also Magpul PMAGs with +5 extensions.

  • What AR does Germany use?

Heckler & Koch G36 (Germany)

The ‘G36’ (company designation, Bundeswehr designation Gewehr G36) is an assault rifle designed in the early 1990s and manufactured in Germany by Heckler & Koch. It is the current service rifle of the German and the Spanish Armed Forces among others.

  • Why did the M16 fail in Vietnam?

The ammunition that accompanied the rifles sent to Vietnam was incompatible with the M16 and was also the principal cause of the failure to extract malfunctions. The result was the M16 often jammed, making the rifle “about as effective as a muzzleloader,” in the words of one officer.

  • Is the M16 better than the AK-47?

The standard U.S. military rifle (M-16) is substantially more destructive than its Russian counterpart (AK-47) when fired at short range into clay blocks, despite the fact that the AK-47 is of larger caliber and also fires a much heavier bullet with a kinetic energy (muzzle) 25% greater when compared to the M-16.

  • What is the best assault rifle round?

For the better part of its life, the M16/AR-15 digested only one kind of ammunition: the twin cartridges labeled 5.56 NATO and . 223 Remington. Currently, the 5.56/. 223 is still the most practical choice for the AR-15.

  • Can an AR-10 shoot 6.5 Creedmoor?

Q: Which AR platform does the 6.5 Creedmoor fit in? A: The 6.5 Creedmoor round fits in the LR-308 platform, which is the modern equivalent of the ArmaLite AR-10. The AR-10 is a larger variant of the AR-15, chambered in.

  • What rifle did Chris Kyle use in American sniper?
Armalite AR 10 For Sale

Early on in the film, Kyle carries a Mk13 Mod 0. This rifle fitted with a Macmillan A2 Stock, Nightforce NXS 8-32×56 Scope, A MIRS Night Vision Rail (Presumably To Mount an AN/PVS-22) and also a Harris Bipod. The suppressor on the front of the Mk13 is an M110/SR25 KAC Suppressor.

  • What gun does Delta Force use?
Armalite AR 10 For Sale

Delta Force traditionally relies on the M4 assault rifle along with the HK416 Carbine and also M3A1 Grease Gun. Sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, and explosives provide additional means for defense along with protective gear like camo and also armor.


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