Benchmade Anonimus Fixed Blade Knife OD Green G-10 (5″ Gray) 539GY



  • Overall Length:
  • Blade Length:
  • Cutting Edge:
  • Blade Width:
  • Blade Thickness:
  • Blade Material:
  • Hardness:
    62-64 HRC
  • Blade Style:
    Drop Point
  • Blade Grind:
  • Finish:
  • Edge Type:
  • Handle Length:
  • Handle Width:
  • Handle Thickness:
  • Handle Material:
  • Color:
    OD Green
  • Weight:
    5.90 oz.
  • User:
    Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Sheath:
  • Knife Type:
    Fixed Blade
  • Brand:
  • Model:
  • Model Number:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Best Use:
    Camp/Hike, Hunting
  • Product Type:
Benchmade Anonimus
Benchmade Anonimus Fixed Blade Knife OD Green G-10 (5" Gray) 539GY $279.00

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Benchmade Anonimus Available In Stock

Benchmade Anonimus


  • Drop point blade with a gray Cerakote finish made from CPM CRU-WEAR steel.
  • Textured G-10 handle scales in OD green.
  • Fitted kydex sheath for secure belt carry.


The Benchmade Anonimus fixed blade knife is an excellent fixed blade for outdoor use. Take it camping or hiking and you’ll be pleased with how well this blade performs: it’s made from CPM CRU-WEAR carbon steel, known for its amazing toughness and also edge retention.

The knife’s handle is sandwiched between two G-10 scales. G-10 is weatherproof and also provides a sure grip. The piece is finished off with a fitted Kydex sheath with a nylon belt loop. Pick up a fixed blade you can count on to get the work done.

FAQ Benchmade Anonimus

Designed with purpose and built to last, the Anonimus sets a high bar for durability and performance matched only by our promise that it will be yours, for life. Laser-cut from sheets of high-grade steel, every Benchmade blade is ground, beveled, and finished with uncompromising precision.

  • What makes Benchmade knives so special?

Benchmade Knives are well-known for their longevity because of their materials and design. This quality standard ensures you can enjoy your blade for years without worrying about its durability or safety. Also, these knives are easy to sharpen and maintain, allowing you to keep them in good condition for a long time.

  • What is the history of Benchmade Bali-Song?

History. Benchmade originally started in California in 1979 as Bali-Song, then changed their name to Pacific Cutlery Corporation in the early 1980s, before settling on “Benchmade” in 1988. In 1990 the company moved to Clackamas, Oregon. In 1996, the company moved to a 144,000 square foot facility in Oregon City, Oregon.

  • Which is better Benchmade or zero tolerance?

Benchmade vs Zero Tolerance: summary

Both produce excellent knives in the United States. Benchmade offers a broader range, with more favourably priced models. Zero Tolerance, however, produces knives with a slightly better finish.

FAQ On Drop Point

Benchmade Anonimus

Drop point is the name of one of the most common blade types. Drop point blades are particularly robust, safe and easy to handle. Knives with this type of blade are mainly used as hunting knives, but they also make very versatile knives for everyday use.

  • What is the purpose of a drop point?

Drop Point Knife

Characterized by a convex-shaped, sloping spine and a lowered point, they’re especially useful for controlled cuts—hunters find that a drop point blade’s large belly facilitates skinning. In addition, drop point blades have very strong tips that resist breaking, which is crucial in survival situations.

  • What is the difference between clip point and drop point?
Clip point - Wikipedia

The drop point knife allows for more control when cutting, has a slower withdrawal time, and better negotiates “drawn out” (carving like) operations. The clip point lends itself to a quicker “stabbing” advantage with less drag during insertion and faster withdrawal.

  • What is a drop point hunter?

A drop point blade is characteristic of your classic hunting knife. It’s a useful blade that generally measures 3.5 to 6 inches long. Physically, the point is lower than the center spine of the knife coming out from the handle, generally dropping in the final third of the blade — thus, the name “drop point.”

FAQ On CPM Cruwear

CPM CRU-WEAR is an air-hardening powder metallurgy tool steel and is one of the best knife steels that offers balanced performance in edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high Rockwell hardness. It is among the few steels that are not skewed on one property.

  • Is CPM Cru-wear a good steel?

CPM CRU-WEAR offers better wear resistance than AISI D2, approaching that of AISI M2. CPM CRU-WEAR has much greater toughness than most conventionally made tool steel. NOTE: Lowering the hardening temperature reduces the grain size and increases toughness. most conventionally made tool steels.

Cru-wear is a non-stainless tool steel, unlike S30V and S110V, which are both stainless. Cru-wear can rust/corrode if neglected. However it has a high chromium content so I’ve heard it’s actually pretty corrosion resistant for a non stainless steel. Certainly better than 1095 or 52100 for example.

  • Is CPM cru wear better than S35VN?

CPM Cru Wear is much tougher than S35VN. Regular Cruwear is a little harder to predict. Cru Wear also has a greater potential for hardness than S35VN. Wear resistance of S35VN is a little better.

  • What does CPM mean in knife steel?

Crucible Particle Metallurgy

CPM stands for Crucible Particle Metallurgy and is a method of producing higher alloyed grades of superior quality than could be accomplished through conventional steelmaking. CPM steel is useful for high-alloy tool steel and high speed steel.

CPM® CRU-WEAR® was introduced as a way to make the conventionally melted version easier to machine and more resistant to chipping. Compared to the chemistry of D2, (D2 = 1.55% carbon, 11.5% chromium, 0.8% vanadium, and 0.9% molybdenum), CPM® CRU-WEAR® has less carbon and less chromium, but more vanadium and tungsten. Ferro rod loop, od green g10, benchmade 539gy anonimus.


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