Beretta M12s, Pre-May, Excellent In Box


Beretta M12 For Sale
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Beretta M12 For Sale Overview

Beretta M12 For Sale

The Beretta M12 (Model 12) is a 9×19mm Parabellum caliber submachine gun designed by Beretta. Production started in 1959, the first users were the Italian Carabinieri, Italian State Police and the Guardia di Finanza, though in limited number. Only widely issued beginning in 1978, replacing the old Beretta MAB.

What kind of magazine does a Beretta M12 have?

The Model 12 was redesigned as the Beretta Model 12S in 1978. The Model 12s uses a 32-round box magazine, and is chambered for the 9×19 mm NATO cartridge.

How many components are in the Beretta PM12S?

Minus the suppressor and other optional features, the Beretta PM12S is made up of 84 discrete components. The current version of the Beretta Model 12, is called the PM12-S2.

When was the last Beretta submachine gun made?

In 1959, Beretta weapons designer Domenico Salza revisited an old project, the Armaguerra Cremona OG44 submachine gun, in order to make a new submachine gun to replace the old MAB model 1938. The Model 12 was the final production model, and was followed ten years later by the M12S with differences in the safety and other mechanics.


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