B&T Rotex-V 7.65 Nato Sound Suppressor


All silencers require the purchase of a $200 Federal Tax Stamp.

Calibre.30 (.308 Win, 7.62 x 51 mm, .300 Whisper, .300 Blackout, etc.)
Total length191 mm
Extending Length143 mm
Diameter39 mm
Weight600 g
MaterialInconel & Thermax
Sound suppressionca. 28 dB (A)
Full Auto capabilityuntil glowing red
Suppressor connectorQD quick fastener for NATO flash hider
Also includedbelt pouch
B&T Rotex Suppressor
B&T Rotex-V 7.65 Nato Sound Suppressor $599.95

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B&T Rotex Suppressor Overview

Compatible with the standard NATO flash hider, the Rotex-V(B&T Rotex Suppressor ) is the optimal solution when a suppressor, mount- and detachable within seconds with a high suppression rate is needed. Besides that it very effectively suppresses the muzzle flash.

Why Choose B&T Rotex Suppressor?

Military and law enforcement proven, the B&T suppressor for sale comes in models to fit a vast array of pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and hunting rifles and improves overall performance.

What is the best material for a suppressor?

B&T suppressors   constructed of robust material such as Inconel, Thermax, and anodized aluminum for superior durability and longer service life, with some models full auto rated and featuring quick detach systems.

What is a Brugger & Thomet silencer?

The Brugger & Thomet silencer is available for a wide range of pistols and rifles, each specifically engineered to control the gases and pressures of specific calibers and platforms for the best performance possible.
What is the history of the suppressor company?
What began in 1991, as a designer and manufacturer of the industry’s most advanced suppressors. Has become a world leader in complete, state-of-the-art tactical weapon systems.



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