B&T Brugger and Thomet LLC 3 Lug 9mm Can


B&T Suppressors For Sale
B&T Brugger and Thomet LLC 3 Lug 9mm Can $499.95

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B&T Suppressors For Sale Overview

B&T, SMG/PDW, Compact Suppressor(B&T Suppressors For Sale ), 9MM, Black Anodized Aluminum, 12.5 Oz, 8.1″ Long, 1.3″ Diameter, HK Style 3-lug Quick Disconnect.

Why choose B&T suppressors(B&T Suppressors )?

Military and law enforcement proven, the B&T suppressor for sale comes in models to fit a vast array of pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and hunting rifles and improves overall performance.

What is a Brugger & Thomet silencer?

The Brugger & Thomet silencer is available for a wide range of pistols and rifles, each specifically engineered to control the gases and pressures of specific calibers and platforms for the best performance possible.

What is the best material for a suppressor?

B&T suppressors are constructed of robust material such as Inconel, Thermax, and anodized aluminum for superior durability and longer service life, with some models full auto rated and featuring quick detach systems.
How do gun suppressors work?
These suppressors work by containing the gases exiting from the barrel, reducing noise and recoil while adding more velocity and accuracy to the bullet as it leaves the muzzle.



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