B&T “Brügger & Thomet” RQD 9mm for APC9/MP5/MP5K


Caliber: 9mm

Material: Aluminum

Length: 8.2 inches

Diameter: 1.4 inches

Weight: 12.7 ounces

Mounting: 3-Lug

B&T Suppressors USA
B&T "Brügger & Thomet" RQD 9mm for APC9/MP5/MP5K $749.99

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B&T Suppressors USA Overview

Factory original B&T sound suppressor(B&T Suppressors USA ) that is compatible with weapons such as the MP5, APC9 and others utilizing HK’s famous 3-lug barrel.

What is the B&T station six?

Tracing its roots back to the covert, World War II-era Welrod pistol. And more modernized contract B&T VP9, the B&T Station SIX (Silenced Project caliber 9) harkens back to the famed SOE Station IX, where the original concept was conceive by the, then, Inter-Services Research Bureau.

What’s new at B&T USA?

With a direct ode to the British Welrod of World War II “behind the lines in occupied Europe” fame, B&T USA has a new pistol inbound for those seeking some quiet time. The Station SIX (Silenced Project caliber 9) pistol gets its name from the WWII-era Station IX of the Special Operations Executive.


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