B&T ” Brügger & Thomet” QD SMG/PDW “Compact”


overall length109 mm
Change in length weapon76 mm
diameter40 mm
Weight370 g
materialstainless steel
dampingapprox. 14 dB (A)
Continuous fire suitability90 rounds (3 x 30 round magazines)
Silencer connection3-Lug
B&T TP9 For Sale
B&T " Brügger & Thomet" QD SMG/PDW "Compact" $1,019.99

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B&T TP9 For Sale Overview

B&T TP9 For Sale

Only half as long as the standard silencer, the CQB Compact is an interesting alternative if, for example, the weapon with silencer system has to be as compact as possible for use in a car.
Also Thanks to its QD attachment, it can be mounted / removed in seconds on all weapons with a 3-lug bolt on the barrel (MP5, MP5K, APC9, P26, KH9).

What Size Suppressor For HK MP7 SD-984697?

OEM QD SUPPRESSOR FOR HK MP7 SD-984697 (4.6mm x 30) . The B&T PDW Suppressor Adapter 9mm BT-122356 adapter also allows for the use of the TP9 suppr. Also, B&T QD Foregrip Tall Version This simple fore grip is designed to be mounted on the NAR/Picat. B&T QD NAR mount for Aimpoint ACRO/NANO To mount an Aimpoint® ACRO or NANO on a NAR/Picatinny.

What Is The Best B&T(B&T TP9 For Sale ) Suppressor?

B&T Station Six-9 Training Suppressor . Also The B&T Tiger suppressor in calibre .22 LR is truly an all-rounder. It is great for hunting. B&T TP9 QD Suppressor is also specifically designed for the TP9 / MP9 Art. B&T APC45 / GHM45 3-Lug Suppressor B&T QD SMG/PDW suppressor, cal. .45ACP for APC45 .


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