‘Super Dragon’ Dragon’s Breath Ammunition 12 Gauge 2 3/4″


Dragons Breath Ammo
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Dragons Breath Ammo Available In Stock

Dragons Breath Ammo: The Phoenix Rising Dragon’s Breath round produces an enormous wall of fire for 200+ yards compared to the other brand’s range of 100 feet. The incendiary compound burns at over 5000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ‘Super Dragon’ was professionally developed and extensively computer and range tested to produce the highest quality. And also most effective round of its type in the world. We also offer this dragon’s breath round in .410 gauge, 12 gauge 1 7/8″ Mini configuration as well as a 3″ Magnum that includes six 00 buckshot called Hellfire. Our ammunition is loaded in a licensed professional facility using the finest components. 

Unlike any other ammunition on the planet, Dragon’s Breath ammunition is an amazing innovation for shotgun shooting. Originally designed to ignite a flame or controlled fire from a distance, it does just that while looking fantastic in the process. Our proprietary compound is considered an incendiary type of ammunition. And also emits projectiles in a flamethrower-like reaction at a high velocity downrange.

There is nothing like watching the combustible particles take flight and glow for up to 200 yards away. There are 10 states/territories where this type of round is restricted, so it is important that you know your local laws when purchasing. Like all of our rounds, our super dragon round is a premium shotgun ammunition, loaded with the finest components and also the highest of quality standards.

2 3/4″ round. Sold in 5-round packs.

WARNING! Extreme fire hazard. Do not shoot in any dry grass foliage, trees, or near flammable materials. Also, do NOT shoot indoors. Use extreme caution.

FAQ On Dragons Breath Ammo

Dragon’s breath is a special type of incendiary-effect round for shotguns. Dragon’s breath consists primarily of magnesium pellets/shards. When the round is fired, sparks and flames can shoot out to about 100 feet (30 meters), although, some sources claim it extends to 300 feet (91 meters).

  • Does dragons breath rounds damage your shotgun?

No not really. Dragons breath is just magnesium flakes with a few other heavy metals that incinerate out your barrel. Your choke should have no impact on that.

  • Is dragons breath actually effective?

Dragon breath rounds can’t be fired out of a semi-automatic shotgun and also they aren’t very verastile. They’re good if you need to burn something or are a Call of Duty protagonist, but they’re just not very good rounds in real life.

  • What 12 gauge ammo is best for self defense?
The Best 12 Gauge Ammo for Home Defense Chosen by Experts

Buckshot. Buckshot is by far the best home defense load because it’s less likely to penetrate, you have multiple projectiles to increase your chances of hitting your target, and it’s reasonably priced. There are different shot sizes of buckshot.

  • What shotguns can use dragons breath?

The Dragons Breath you speak of is a shotgun round, not a shotgun. It is a round that can be fired from any shotgun. Usually a 12 gauge.

Shotgun ammo, ia ma, washington dc, 18.5 mm, state and local laws.

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