Heckler Koch HK MR7626A1 7.62 Rifle M-LOK in Black


Heckler & Koch MR762A1 Rifle
Heckler Koch HK MR7626A1 7.62 Rifle M-LOK in Black $3,349.99

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Heckler & Koch MR762A1 Rifle Overview

Heckler & Koch MR762A1 Rifle

A direct descendent of the HK417, the MR762-A1 is a semi-automatic rifle developed by Heckler & Koch as a premium level commercial/civilian firearm with match rifle capability. Like the HK417, the MR762A1 is a major product improvement over conventional AR-type carbines and rifles.

We are a big fan of HK rifles, and like most rifle aficionado types, we like the real deal.  Getting the 7.62mm HK rifle has been a long waiting game, so when it is in stock, buy it.  As you probably know, this rifle is very close to the HK 417, but has been civilianized.

More On Heckler & Koch MR762A1

There are small changes that can be made to get this to look more like the German G28, or the US Army DMR, or even the M110A1 CSASS.  But, you have to start with this platform.  Or, you can enjoy the rifle as delivered.  This is a first class .308 / 7.62 rifle.

When you are looking for 7.62 high quality gas gun (AR10 style), there are only a very small number of names that come to the tip of our tongue at Charlie’s.  H&K is clearly on that list, and this rifle features a piston system, which is a little different.

Like its 5.56 mm counterpart, the MR762A1 is a direct descendant of the HK416/417 series, specifically designed for civilian semi-automatic use, and uses the HK-proprietary piston and a solid operating “pusher” rod in place of the common gas tube normally employed in AR15/M16/M4-style weapons.

Pioneered by Heckler & Koch in the G36, HK416, and HK417; this method results in a much cleaner receiver, bolt and trigger system.  The piston system virtually eliminates malfunctions common to direct impingement gas systems since hot carbon fouling and waste gases do not enter the receiver area.

The MR762A1 stays cleaner, reducing heat transfer to the bolt and bolt carrier, and drastically reducing wear and tear on other critical components. The service life of all parts is increased substantially.

Details Of Heckler & Koch

Caliber:7.62x51mm NATO
Weight:10 lbs.
Rifle Overall Length:39.1″
Trigger:2-stage 4.5 / 5.6 lbs
Safety:Ambidextrous selector lever
Rifle Barrel Length:16.50″
Muzzle Thread Pitch5/8″-24
Rifle Barrel Twist:1:12″
Rifle Stock:Reinforced carbon-fiber polymer
Scope Mount:Free floating rail
Iron SightsNot included
Magazine Capacity20 rounds, (1) mag included




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