Knights Armament KAC SR-25 ECC URX Carbine with 16″ Dimpled Barrel


Knights Armament PDW For Sale
Knights Armament KAC SR-25 ECC URX Carbine with 16" Dimpled Barrel $7,399.99$8,199.99

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Knights Armament PDW For Sale Overview

Knights Armament PDW For Sale

The 16″ Enhanced Combat Carbine with 5R rifle cut barrel with factory dimples is available in new old stock in either the standard URX 3.1 confirguation with QDC flash hider, like the M110-K1, or in the URX III configuration with the MAMS Brake, much like the M110-C1.  Both options are compatible with the 7.62 QDC suppressors.

The ECC System features a 16 5R Cut Rifled barrel, precision chromed to add longevity, resistance to fouling and corrosion, and also a 762QDC Flash Suppressor. This weapon system is also equipped with the URX 3.1 configuration which allows shooters the advantage of an MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail, yet the comfort of a slimmer, more contoured handrail. Knight’s Armament 20 round magazine included (where legal).

The SR-25 was first conceptualized with its primary function being a sniper rifle. It delivers remarkable shooting accuracy with .5 MOA being attainable in a multiple target environment. The MK11 MOD0 and the M110 have embodied this experience and helped drive our company’s renowned pursuit of perfection ultimately leading to the Enhanced Match Series of SR-25’s.

More On Knights Armament PDW

  • Barrel is 16″ 5R rilfe cut for accuracy and chrome lined for durability with factory dimpling.  Black is standard, with Taupe as an option (call us for Taupe availability and pricing).
  • KAC 2-stage match trigger is standard, with an optional upgrade to Geissele SSA.
  • Factory new, old stock.  Has been shot during testing by Knights as well as by Charlie’s.
  • KAC gas block is standard.  URX-III configuration includes a full M110 block, while the URX 3.1 block has been rounded down and made more compact.
  • SOPMOD Black collapsible Stock is standard on both configurations, either LMT or B5.
  • KAC bolt carrier group
  • KAC Ambidextrious Lower Receiver
  • URX III configuration has an integrated flip-up front sight, which is unique for the URX third generation, Part 30001/.
  • URX-3.1 configuration has an overlapping top rail, covering the gas block.
  • Grip is standard black A2 for the URX 3.1, and also Magpul black for the URX-III.
  • Some handling marks as this is old stock.  URX 3.1 configuration will show signs of suppressor engagment as well.
  • Includeds URX trim
  • Ships with factory box, no manual or accessories.  No test firing certificate.


Additional information

ECC Rail Configuration: No selection

URX 3.1 with QDC flash hider, URX-III with MAMS brake


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