Manurhin MR73 SPORT .357/.38 DA 5-1/4″


Manurhin MR73 For Sale
Manurhin MR73 SPORT .357/.38 DA 5-1/4" $3,449.99

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Manurhin MR73 For Sale Overview

Manurhin’s MR73 .357 Magnum Revolver(Manurhin MR73 For Sale ) is considered to be one of the best revolvers in the world. And also has a reputation for having exceptional accuracy and a smooth trigger pull.

The MR73 was developed for use by French police and Special Weapons and Tactics units. Also including the legendary GIGN, who needed a reliable sidearm for use in the field. And could also stand up to their incredibly punishing training regiments that involve firing 150 rounds at daily target practice.

Every aspect of the MR73 has been optimized for high performance. It also features a unique trigger system. This system delivers one of the smoothest trigger pulls ever found on a double action with zero-creep.

More On Manurhin MR73

The cylinder of the MR73 is fully machined from forged, ordnance-certified steel billets. And also the chamber finish is conducted by an impact process resulting in remarkably smooth chamber walls and long service life.

In addition, all fitting and adjusting of the MR73 is done entirely by hand by master gunsmiths including deburring, polishing. And assembling the mechanical parts.

Before being released, each revolver is test-fired for accuracy at the factory. It must be able to achieve a grouping diameter of 20mm at a range of 25 meters. Any MR73 unable to achieve this level of accuracy is not released.


The MR Series of revolvers ship with a highly ergonomic target grip created by the legendary Jacques Trausch.

These grips are known for extreme recoil mitigation (especially with .357 Magnum loads) and high levels of shooter control and allow for increased accuracy. Faster follow-up shots, and limit recoil transfer to the shooter’s hands.


All Manurhin MR73 series revolvers feature a triple adjustable trigger. With an overtravel screw built into the trigger and a hammer force adjustment screw. And also a hammer spring weight-adjustment screw built into the frame. This high level of adjustability allows for the shooter to dial in the trigger to the precise specifications needed for maximum control over the shot.


The LPA target adjustable rear sight allows the shooter to make macro and micro-adjustments for wind. And also elevation as necessary, allowing any adjustments needed for longer range shooting a snap.

Frequently Asked Questions About MR73

  • Does GIGN still use MR73?
Manurhin MR73 For Sale

While the GIGN does employ a wide variety of firearms for any given mission. Including the MP5 submachine gun, the Fabarm SDASS Tactical shotgun, the Hécate II sniper rifle.

And, recently, the BREN 2 rifle, their sidearm of choice is almost always the Manurhin MR73 double-action revolver.

  • Who makes the Manurhin MR73?
Manurhin MR73 For Sale

The Manurhin MR73 is a French-manufactured, high-end double-action/single-action revolver primarily chambered in . 357 Magnum, also suitable for . 38 Special. The MR73 is manufactured by Manurhin and is available in 2.5″, 2.75″, 3″, 4″, 4.25”, 5.25″, 5.75″, 6″, 8″, and 10″ barrel lengths.

  • Does Beretta own Manurhin?

357 Mag ammunition during durability testing. “Beretta is proud to have the opportunity to bring the best revolver in the world to the US market in cooperation with our sister company. Chapuis Armes – the parent company of Manurhin.

  • Is Manurhin MR73 a good gun?
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Manurhin MR73: The Bottom Line

It is the second most mechanically accurate revolver I’ve ever fired. Also has the best out of the box trigger of any revolver I’ve ever shot, and it looks absolutely fantastic.


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