Barrett Mk22 ASR MRAD Advanced Sniper System Deployment Package with 3 barrels


MK22 Precision Sniper Rifle
Barrett Mk22 ASR MRAD Advanced Sniper System Deployment Package with 3 barrels $18,949.99

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MK22 Precision Sniper Rifle Overview

This is basically a new kit(MK22 Precision Sniper Rifle ), which the former owner did some shooting with the .308 barrel.  What you have is a Grade A, 95% new package.

A limited number of Mk22 MRAD ASR Mod 0 deployment packages  presented for sale commercially. And also our friends at Potomac Armory, working with Barrett and Euro Optic have secured a few hundred full military deployment packages.

Normally, this would be very hard to do, and not that this time was easy, but the Mk22 ASR MRAD rifles are going to be slowly phased into to Special Forces Operations.  Mk13 rifles are still being produced for SOCOM and the US Marine Corp, so the “ASR” or Advanced Sniper Rifle, is thought of as the next generation of bolt action sniper rifle, offering three caibers, and the deployment cases are complete with all three barrels.  The familiar 7.62mm NATO and .338 Norma is being joined by the star of the show, the .300 Norma.

The deployment kit contains three barrels:

  1. .338 Norma Magnum: 1:9.4 in 27″
  2. .300 Norma Magnum: 1:8 in 26″
  3. 7.62x51mm NATO: 1:8 in 20″

MK22 Precision Sniper Specifications:

  • Weight:  14 to 15 lbs, depending upon barrel
  • Length:  43.6 to 50.6″, depending upon barrel
  • Rifle Stock:  folding MRAD style
  • Trigger:  2-1/2 lb single-stage trigger
  • Top Rail:  Full rail, 10 MOA cant

Components Included With The Barrett Mark 22 Advanced Sniper Rifle System Deployment Kit

  • (1) Pelican 1770 Protector Hard Case (58″x18″x10″)
  • (1) Armageddon Gear Soft Case
  • (2) Bore Guides for 7.62 and .300/.338
  • (1) Stock Spacer Kit with 4 Spacers and Hardware
  • (1) Cleaning Kit with Rod
  • (1) Tool Kit with Torque Wrench, Bits, and Operator Spare Parts Kit
  • (5) 10 Round Magazines for 7.62x51mm NATO, .300NM, and .338NM
  • (1) Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling
  • (1) Harris Bipod
  • (1) Armageddon Suppressor Cover



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