Alliant Red Dot Smokeless Gun Powder – 8lb


Red Dot Powder
Alliant Red Dot Smokeless Gun Powder - 8lb $219.99

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Red Dot Powder: Every container of Alliant Smokeless Powder backed by a century of manufacturing experience and also the most exacting quality control procedures in the industry.

Chemical composition, grain shape and size, and overall density constantly undergo checks and tests in a ballistics lab to ensure consistency.

Improved Alliant Powder Red Dot now burns significantly cleaner and offers better flow characteristics with the same clay-crushing performance the world’s best shooters have trusted since 1932.

Red Dot is optimized for 12-gauge target loads, offers Alliant Powder’s legendary lot-to-lot consistency.

Warnings from the Manufacturer:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloader’s guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.


  • Improved clean-burning formulation
  • Significantly less fouling
  • Better flow characteristics
  • Optimized for 12-gauge target loads
  • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency
Red Dot Powder

FAQ On Alliant Powder(Alliant Red Dot Powder )

  • Did Hodgdon buy Alliant

Hodgdon Powder Company also owns and distributes the GOEX® black powder brand. For 2019, Hodgdon has added Alliant Powder® to the list of smokeless powders and will be distributing this powder to customers. “Powder distribution is our core competency,” said Chris Hodgdon, public and media relations manager.

  • Who makes Alliant gun powder

Vista Outdoor

For more than 125 years Alliant Powder has produced America’s best and most popular smokeless powders. Alliant Powder is part of Vista Outdoor.

  • Why is there no Alliant powder

Why are your powders so hard to find? The unprecedented demand for commercial ammunition, powder and other reloading components has exceeded the industry’s ability to keep product on the shelves at most retail outlets.

FAQ On Smokeless Powders

  • What is smokeless gunpowder called

Smokeless powder is the name given to a number of propellants used in firearms and artillery which produce negligible smoke when fired, unlike the older (Gunpowder) black powder which they replaced. Types of smokeless powder include Cordite, Ballistite and, historically, Poudre B.

  • Is it legal to make smokeless powder

Smokeless powder generally requires no Federal license or permit, and there are no recordkeeping requirements. However, keep in mind smokeless powder is the explosives material most often used in pipe bombs and other explosive improvised devices.

  • Whats the best smokeless powder

The Best Smokeless Rifle Powder

Many shooters are fans of Hodgdon H4895 and Varget smokeless powder, as well as Accurate 4350 powder. They’re fine choices for a large, diverse set of bullets and cartridges. Another popular candidate for best all-around smokeless rifle powder is IMR 4350 smokeless powder.

  • Why is smokeless powder called smokeless

The reason that they are smokeless is that the combustion products are mainly gaseous, compared to around 55% solid products for black powder (potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate etc). Smokeless powder burns only on the surfaces of the granules, flakes or cylinders – described as granules for short.

  • Does water ruin smokeless powder

Unlike in ANFO, or even black powder, the water doesn’t do any harm to smokeless powder. In powder factories, it is routine to process the powder wet, for safety reasons, and dry it only as one of the last steps before packaging.

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