B&T ” Brügger & Thomet” Station Six – 9 – 9mm


Caliber: 9mm

Barrel Length: 130mm

Rate of Fire: Single Action

Station Six 9MM For Sale
B&T " Brügger & Thomet" Station Six - 9 - 9mm $2,149.99

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Station Six 9MM For Sale Overview

Station Six 9MM For Sale

Tracing its roots back to the covert, World War II-era Welrod pistol, and more modernized contract VP9. The all-new Station SIX-9 (Silenced Project caliber 9) harkens back to the famed Bride Hall weapons acquisition section. Or SOE Station VI and later Station IV, where the original concept  wasconceived. This updated, integrally suppressed pistol features a new grip and updated magazines. Yet maintains its non-descript appearance, whisper-quiet sound signature and unique rotating bolt operation. Available in 9mm and .45 Auto.

Why buy a B&T 9mm pistol?

The lineup of B&T 9mm pistols are highly potent and reliable weapons, perfect for personal protection, competition, home defense, duty, and shooting at the range. A B&T 9mm carbine like the APC9 is a premium firearm designed to fit in the hands like a glove for maximum maneuverability and concealment while in the field.

What’s new at B&T USA?

With a direct ode to the British Welrod of World War II “behind the lines in occupied Europe” fame, B&T USA has a new pistol inbound for those seeking some quiet time. The Station SIX pistol gets its name from the WWII-era Station IX of the Special Operations Executive.



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