Colt M-16A1 M16 556 Light Machine Gun Upper with Drum


Surplus M16A1 Upper Receiver
Colt M-16A1 M16 556 Light Machine Gun Upper with Drum $39,299.95

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Surplus M16A1 Upper Receiver Overview

Surplus M16A1 Upper Receiver

This is a factory Colt M-16A1 with Factory Colt LMG (Light Machine Gun) Upper on it with bipod.  Also comes with 100 round drum !

Frequently Asked Questions On Surplus M16A1 Upper

What kind of muzzle device for a M16A1E1?

C7 (M16A1E1) Upper Receiver. This was a “transitional” model since it had a Shell Deflector for left We offer 5 different versions of the CAR-15 “Moderator” muzzle device. The first three choices are a A nice reproduction of the Colt/Diemaco FiberLite Stock.

What is the serial number of the AR-18 machine gun?

Armalite AR-18 Factory Machine Gun Serial number 023 Background This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline… Auto Ordnance 1928 22lr Thompson Super Rare version of the 1928 Thompson in 22lr. Comes with 3 WORKING drums and one for parts.



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