Consecutive Pair, Thompson M1A1, NIB #M415A & M416A


Thompson Machine Gun For Sale
Consecutive Pair, Thompson M1A1, NIB #M415A & M416A $19,909.99

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Thompson Machine Gun For Sale Overview

Thompson submachine gun(Thompson Machine Gun For Sale ), by name Tommy gun. Submachine gun patented in 1920 by its American designer, John T . It weighed almost 10 pounds (4.5 kg) empty and fired .45-calibre ammunition. The magazine was either a circular drum that held 50 or 100 rounds or a box that held 20 or 30 rounds.

Thompson, C&R, M1A1,  Consecutive Pair, Auto-Ordnance Corporation, West Hurley, NY,  Brand New in Factory Box with Three Original Magazines per gun. Guns are Currently Getting Checked out and Upgraded by Mr. Dan Block that will Test Fire, Clean. And Make Any Necessary Upgrades. One of the upgrades will be a GI Magazine Catch in Order to Accept Regular GI Magazines.

What kind of gun is a Thompson M1?

Thompson M1 – Auto-Ordnance | Original manufacturer of the world famous “Tommy Gun” OVERVIEW: THOMPSON M1 Our M1 Thompson model is a.45 caliber semi-automatic replica of the most famous American submachine gun of World War II.

Is the Thompson M1A1 transferrable?

This Thompson is being sold by Morphys on October 30, 2018.  Note that I refer to the M1A1 as a transferrable gun. It is actually a pre-May dealer sample. Sorry! While the US Army   satisfied with the Thompson as a fighting weapon in World War Two, it was most certainly not happy with the gun’s exorbitant price tag.


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