Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 AK Suppressor


Wolverine PBS 1 Suppressor
Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 AK Suppressor $949.99

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Wolverine PBS 1 Suppressor Overview

You won’t have to buy multiple silencers(Wolverine PBS 1 Suppressor ) to fit different threaded combloc rifles. The Wolverine offers user changeable thread inserts.

The Wolverine ships with a 14L thread insert. We plan on making 14R, 24R, 26L, 15mm, 16mm, 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 9/16L as well; and possibly more will be added to the list depending on demand.

The Wolverine PBS-1 is now shipping.


Rating:Multi – Up to 7.62x54RLength:7.4″ (with thread adapter)Weight:19.8 oz – 24.4 oz depending on mountDiameter:1.5″ tube, 1.93″ outside diameterFinish:Cerakote body with nitrided partsMin. Barrel Length:No Restrictions  

Frequently Asked Question About The Wolverine PBS 1

  • You want to build a dedicated AK suppressor?

“You can’t do that.”

“They’re too loud.”

“What about non-concentric threads?”

“How will it mount consistently?”

“There’s too many variations.”

And yet, here it is. AK and combloc gun lovers rejoice.

The Wolverine strikes the perfect balance between suppression and minimal back pressure.

  • Is the dead air Wolverine PBS-1 a good suppressor for Ak?

In addition to the fear of baffle strikes from a questionably threaded barrel, the AK is traditionally loud to the shooter and requires a suppressor with extremely low back pressure in order to function properly. The Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 takes the traditional looks of the iconic PBS suppressor, and puts a modern twist on it.

  • Is the Wolverine a low pressure suppressor?

I know they say the Wolverine is a low pressure suppressor, but my Draco receiver begs to differ. Take this for what is worth. If you suppress the AK either get a KNS piston or cut slots in your piston to relieve some pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Dead Air Company

  • Who is dead air silencers?

Dead Air Silencers founded by Mike Pappas, a legend in the silencer community, with silencer designer Todd Magee. Pappas founded Dead Air in order to build “the no-compromise suppressors that I’ve always wanted to make. No corporate bottom lines. The only thing that matters to me is how it sounds; And the Sandman sounds awesome…”

  • What is the newest suppressor from dead air?

In June 2022, Dead Air’s newest suppressor arrived: the Dead Air Sierra-5. In this writeup, we’ll cover the latest suppressor from Dead Air and 5 of their other awesome silencers for sound suppression and versatility. If you’re looking for one of the best 5.56 suppressors, the new Sierra-5 is Dead Air’s premiere silencer for your 5.56 firearm.

  • Are Dead Air suppressors Full Auto rated?

Is The Sandman-S full auto rated? Absolutely, the Dead Air Sandman S is full auto rated and utilized by military and law enforcement throughout the United States. You’ll reduce recoil at your shoulder with the low blowback optimized by the Sandman-S.

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