Reate EXO Double Edge Gravity Knife Titanium/Green Micarta (3.75 Satin)



  • Overall Length:
  • Blade Length:
  • Cutting Edge:
  • Blade Width:
  • Blade Thickness:
  • Blade Material:
  • Blade Style:
  • Blade Grind:
  • Finish:
  • Edge Type:
  • Handle Length:
  • Handle Width:
  • Handle Thickness:
  • Handle Material:
    Micarta, Titanium
  • Color:
    Gray, Green
  • Frame/Liner:
  • Weight:
    4.87 oz.
  • User:
    Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Knife Type:
    OTF Manual
  • Brand:
    Reate Knives
  • Model:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Best Use:
    Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:
Reate EXO Double Edge Gravity Knife Titanium/Green Micarta (3.75 Satin) $277.00

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Gravity Knife Features:

Gravity Knife

  • Drop point blade made from Elmax super steel with a satin finish.
  • Pivoted frame to allow blade deployment with nothing but gravity.
  • Titanium handle with textured micarta scales in green.
  • Leather sheath with an attachment for belt carry.


The EXO from Reate Knives is a gravity OTF knife. By pinching the handle scales and dropping the frame at an angle, you can easily slide the blade in and out with nothing but gravity.

If you haven’t guessed it already, this means hours of quality fidgeting! That aside, the build and materials of this knife are Reate standard: simply excellent and also endlessly functional.

The EXO boasts flawless fit and finish, smooth action, and a razor edge to meet your cutting needs. It includes a kydex sheath and also belt attachment so you can carry it without fear of being poked.

The EXO Gravity Knife comes in two different colors with two different blade shapes. Pick the combination you like best!

FAQ About Gravity Knife

  • What makes a knife a gravity knife?

A gravity knife is any knife which has a blade which is released from the handle or sheath by the force of gravity or the application of centrifugal force, and then the blade is locked in place by a button, spring, lever or other device.

  • What is the gravity knife real name?

Reproduction of the “gravity knife” carried by German Flying personnel, including Paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger) in WWII. Officially known as the Fliegerkappmesser (Fliers folding knife) these were designed as a general-purpose survival/ utility knife for pilots, air crew and paratroopers.

  • Are gravity knives safe?

The Reate EXO is another popular gravity knife. It operates by gripping the handle scales and letting the frame drop out. From there, the blade slides out with gravity. In both of these cases, and with any knife, they are no more dangerous than their user wants them to be.

  • Do gravity knives lock?
Gravity Knife | Gravity Knives | Reate Exo | Reate Knives

Instead, gravity knives — which are also known as “drop knives” — feature a button or locking mechanism that, when pressed or disengaged, allows the blade to fall out of the handle and lock into place — not unlike how an OTF blade leaves the handle, only operating via gravity rather than being spring loaded.

  • Why were gravity knives invented?

Originally designed for German paratroopers during World War II. The original gravity knives had a very simple design. The blade was released by pressing a button on the handle. The main purpose of the gravity knife was to help German soldiers cut through their parachute cords after landing.

  • What is a paratrooper gravity knife?

The knife was issued to German aircrew and paratroopers to keep in in an accessible pocket to use – potentially with one hand – to cut themselves free of parachute rigging or their harness in an emergency.

FAQ About Reate Exo

  • Who is the founder of Reate knives?

David Deng

Our founder, David Deng, is a long-time knife enthusiast, with a background in mechanical design and also manufacturing, he constantly strives for excellence and detailed perfection in all the knife designs produced by Reate.

  • Is reate made in China

For brands like WE Knife Co., Reate Knives, Kizer Cutlery, and others, those three words—“Made in China”—have become a mark of pride. Below is a list of China’s top nine knife brands in no particular order.

  • What is a reate knife
Reate Knives - The Knife Joker -

Reate is a brand synonymous for building and producing high quality knives. Our founder, David Deng, is a long-time knife enthusiast, with a background in mechanical design and manufacturing, he constantly strives for excellence and detailed perfection in all the knife designs produced by Reate.

About Folding Knives

  • What is a folding knife for?

A pocket knife is a knife that you can fold to store in your pocket. Few tools are as useful as a folding knife. Use to cut rope, webbing, seat belts; open boxes or peel fruit.

They can be used for a bunch of different chores. Folding Knives are excellent knives that are very light and also portable.

  • What is the history of the folding knife?

The oldest folding knife discovered to date dates from between 600 and 500 BC. Found in Upper Austria and had an iron blade with a bone handle. Incidentally, the first Swiss Army pocket knife was introduced in 1891. The model had grip panels made of blackened oak.

  • Why are folding knives so popular?
Gravity Knife

While there are many reasons for this, it is perhaps the fact that they are smaller means there is a more concentrated space to work with which can constrain the cost of making the knife due to labor and other factors. Another reason is that folders are smaller and tend to be narrow or thin.

  • Why are folding knives so expensive?

In Conclusion. There are many reasons high-quality knives are expensive, but they all boil down to one thing: the very quality they tout. They’re more durable and safer than cheap knives, feel better in the hand, and you know where they’re coming from. So get what you pay for with a good knife, like a Trek.

  • Where do you wear a folding knife?

It should have a clip attached, because when you need a knife, you need a knife to be in exactly the right place. If personal style and clothing design allow, keep it clipped to your front pocket (the knife body should be inside your pocket, with only the clip visible outside, so it stays both secure and discreet).

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